The Register Of Deeds
Caswell County, North Carolina


Effective 10-01-2011 per G.S. 161-10

*Fees subject to change*

Make Checks Payable To: Caswell County Register of Deeds.

Documents that contain multiple instruments will be charged an additional ten dollars for recording.

Personal checks are only accepted if presented by an attorney.

Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with all transactions.

Real Estate

Deeds and Instruments in General: $26.00
first 15 pages
each additional
Deeds of Trust and Mortgages: $64.00
first 35 pages
each additional
State Hwy Right-of-Way Plans: $21.00
first page
each additional
Cancellations: No Fee  
Certificates of Satisfaction: No Fee  
Notice of Satisfaction: No Fee  
Plat: $21.00 per page
Condominium Map: $21.00 per page
Excise Tax on Deeds: $2.00 per $1000.00
(based on purchase price)
Non-Standard Document: $25.00 per document
Additional Parties on an instrument (in excess of 20) $2.00 each additional party
(after 20 names)


Certified Copies of Vital Records: $10.00 each
Certified Copies: $5.00
first page
each additional
Uncertified Copies: $ .50 per page
Certified Plat Copies: $5.00 per page
Uncertified Plat Copies: $3.00 per page

Vital Records, Notary

Issue Marriage License $60.00
Certified Copies of Vital Records: $10.00 each
Administer Notary Oath: $10.00
Authentication of Notary: $2.00 per notary per page
Military Discharge Recording: No Fee
Certified Copy of Military Discharge: No Fee   

Uniform Commercial Code

UCC Fees: (after July 1, 2001): UCC, Correction Statements, Amendments, Terminations:


for one or two pages 
for three to ten pages
first ten pages, plus
for each page over ten
Search on UCC'S filed before July 1, 2001:

per name searched
Copy of UCC filed before July 1, 2001: $1.00 per copy provided

If you have any questions about the fee schedule please contact Caswell County Register of Deeds Ginny S. Mitchell at 336-694-4197.

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