Register Of Deeds
Perquimans County, North Carolina


*Fees subject to change*

Mailed payments should be made by money order, personal check, or official checks. No credit cards will be accepted. Payment should be addressed to: Perquimans County Register of Deeds.

Documents that contain multiple instruments will be charged an additional ten dollars for recording.

Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with all transactions.

Real Estate

Deeds and Instruments in General: $26.00
first 15 pages
each additional
Deeds of Trust and Mortgages: $64.00
first 35 pages
each additional
Satisfactions: No Fee  
Plat: $21.00 per sheet or page
for each original or revised plat recorded
State Excise Tax on Real Estate Conveyances: $2.00 per $1000.00
($1.00 up to $500.00)
Land Transfer Tax: $1.00 per $100.00 
Non-Standard Document: $25.00
In addition to all other applicable recording fees.
For registering or filing any document NOT in compliance with the recording standards adopted under G.S. 161.14(b)
UCC Fees: (after July 1, 2001): UCC, Correction Statements, Amendments, Terminations :

for one or two pages 
for three to ten pages
first ten pages, plus
for each page over ten
Removal of Grave Certificates: $26.00
first 15 pages
each additional
Right-of-Way Plans:
first page
each additional
for each original or amended plan and profile sheet
Comparing Copy for Certification: $12.00
Military Service Record: No Fee
No Fee
Filing and recording discharge
1 Certified Copy

Vital Records, Notary

Issue Marriage License $60.00 (includes $35 state fee)
Certified Copies of Vital Records:
(Marriage, Birth, and Death Certificates)
$10.00 each
Delayed Birth
(registration of birth certificate
one year or more after birth


For preparation of paperwork when birth to be registered in another county
For registration when papers prepared in another county, with 1 certified copy
For preparation of papers and registration in the same county, with 1 certified copy
Amendment of Birth or Death Record
(Preparation of amendment affecting correction)
to County
to NC Vital Records
to NC Vital records for expedited service
Qualification of Notary public: $10.00
Notary Authentication: $ 5.00 per notary per page
Military Discharge Recording: No Fee
Certified Copy of Military Discharge: No Fee   


Certified Copies of Vital Records: $10.00 each
Certified Copies: $5.00
first page
each additional
Uncertified Copies: $ .25 per page
Plat Copies: $ 3.00 per page
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